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Instagram now lets users flag misinformation

Instagram is rolling out a new feature that allows users to flag misinformation.

Apple's 'very compelling' argument against tariffs

President Donald Trump says that Apple CEO Tim Cook has made a "very compelling argument" that new tariffs would harm the US tech giant's ability to compete with its top rival.

How Jeff Bezos changed the world

It's hard to tell just one story about the first 25 years of Amazon.

The Winklevoss twins may work with Facebook again

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have long been known for their legal battle with Mark Zuckerberg over who invented Facebook. That was over a decade ago. Today they have made names for themselves as entrepreneurs in cryptocurrency with a company called Gemini.

Bernie Sanders wants to stop police from using facial recognition software

A criminal justice plan from presidential candidate Bernie Sanders would ban police from using facial recognition software.

Twitch vs. Mixer: The new streaming war

Mac vs. PC. Android vs. iPhone. Twitch vs. Mixer?

Inside WeWork, one couple wields control

In the early days of WeWork, the two people most associated with the company were cofounders Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey. As they grew the brand, the pair was interviewed and photographed, together and separately, by numerous publications.

Twitter and Facebook take down covert Chinese accounts that tried to undermine Hong Kong demonstrators

A covert state-backed social media campaign run from China has sought to undermine ongoing demonstrations in Hong Kong, according to information released by Twitter and Facebook on Monday.

Poppy Harlow looks at how an online bookstore transformed into a business empire in the CNN Special Report "The Age of Amazon."

Virgin Galactic unveils luxury lounge at its airport for space tourism

Richard Branson's space tourism startup, Virgin Galactic, is showing off a luxurious lounge area and top-shelf amenities for its wealthy clientele.

A new Westworld game actually delivers on virtual reality's promise

While "Westworld Awakening" may be a triumph of an emerging medium, it faces a major obstacle from the get-go: finding people to play it.

Instagram wants hackers to go after its new shopping feature

Instagram wants hackers to put its latest shopping feature to the test.

California lawmakers want to ban facial-recognition technology in police body camera

Almost one of five California state legislators was falsely flagged as a criminal in an ACLU test.

Stores are starting to feel a lot more like the internet

Traditional retailers have a problem: Heading to the store isn't as convenient as buying on a phone or computer. So top companies are trying to make their in-store experiences more like shopping online.

Websites that peddle disinformation make millions of dollars in ads, new study finds

As the United States gears up for another presidential election, aware of the role online disinformation played in 2016, the business of publishing false or extremist content online remains a lucrative one.

Nintendo announces dozens of new indie games coming to the Switch

Nintendo kicked off the Gamescom pre-show by announcing the arrival of dozens of new independent games for the Switch.

US expands blacklist but gives Huawei another 90-day reprieve

The US Commerce Department said Monday it is adding more than 45 new businesses associated with Huawei, the embattled Chinese technology giant, to an export blacklist.

Yes, tech companies may listen when you talk to your virtual assistant. Here's why that's not likely to stop

Big tech companies don't like to talk about it. And when users find out it's happening, they're often surprised and disturbed.

YouTube sued for allegedly discriminating against LGBTQ community

A group of LGBTQ creators is alleging YouTube and its parent company Google discriminated against them by unevenly applying its policies and restricting their content from making money and being broadly distributed.

Gamescom: What was announced at the world's biggest video game conference

Gamescom, the biggest video game event in the world, kicked off Monday in Cologne, Germany. Video game developers are eager to show off their coming attractions, and fans from around the world are tuning in.