Avoiding Free Money Online Offer

There are plenty of offers online offering to give you free money or gift cards to different retailers and you may have received emails telling you that a $500 gift card to a specific store was being held in your name. Many offers may even include a free laptop or home computer system, all for filling out a short survey and then meeting the criteria for the give away. Usually, you will have to sign up for at least two, sometimes three of the offers that show up between pages of the survey to be eligible and a few of those will require some sort of payment. Free information or free products often requiring you pay for postage with your credit card.

When these types of surveys offering free products first began to appear, it took getting to the third or fourth page before you learned there were requirements you had to fulfill in order to be eligible. Now, most have something on the first page to refer you to the eligibility requirements. Filling out surveys can earn you a few extra dollars but if a person is looking to earn a living by becoming a professional survey taker, it is going to take a while to get on the approved list of many companies in order to make any real money. You will spend time registering to take surveys with hundreds, if not thousands of companies, and once you establish yourself as a survey taker you will be given surveys to take, for which you will be paid.

For a person with a lot of time on their hands and the patience to scroll through numerous pages of questions and offers before saying it is not worth my time, there can be ways to receive this free money online. If you own a website, you can also earn money online through affiliate programs and since the company with which you affiliate is doing al the work and you are just pointing your visitors in their direction, it could be considered free money. However, to get visitors to your website requires marketing or advertising which is not usually free.

But obviously you are already promoting your site so any sales commissions you earn from these programs can be considered free. Then there are the companies that promise to pay you just for being online. While reading your own emails, surfing the internet and even doing homework, they claim you will be earning money. Realistically, what you are earning is points that can translate into cash but the amount of points you need for each dollar is going to be immense.

Additionally, your earnings level is adjusted by your level of membership in the company. In other words, the more you pay to join their club, the more money you can make. In many cases, you will be lucky to break even.

However, if you spend a lot of time on the internet, you get some free money by allowing them to place their menu bar on your computer.

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