TrueVision Microscopes

TrueVision Microscopes, Inc. is a Saint Louis, Missouri, USA based corporation. They sell a wide variety of microscopes and microscopy related accessories. Their success relies on their quality customer service and fast shipping.

They have a fast email support, Their selection of microscopes is huge, varying from inexpensive student grade compound light microscopes to high end industrial metallurgical microscopes to research grade inverted tissue culture microscopes. For their customers needing computer connectivity for digital still and digital video on a microscope, they offer several styles of microscope USB cameras. These easily connect to a USB port on a computer. One of the hottest areas in microscopy today is interfacing the microscope with the computer.

Their trained microscopists are able to assist with most microscope questions and computer camera connectivity issues. TrueVision offers a great selection, affordable price, and excellent quality to a wide range of microscopy applications. If you are in need of a microscope, call them today. Be sure to visit

Winona Ave. Saint Louis Mo 63109 Phone:314-353-2758 Website:

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TrueVision Microscopes - TrueVision Microscopes, Inc.

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