Network surveillance Cameras

If you take a good look around, you'll realize there are cameras all around us, most of us just never notice them. From the local train station, at the car park, to the shops, schools and banks; there are security monitoring systems everywhere. A network camera is a combination of camera and computer that lets you see live, full motion video by transmitting over a computer network or through an Internet connection. This means that wherever the camera is placed, the images from it can be viewed on your own personal laptop or over the Internet from anywhere in the world. If you have more than one business site, network cameras can help to check on several locations. Also if funds are limited and your company can't afford to employ security personal it makes economical sense to set up a few cameras in strategic positions and they can all be monitored at the same time.

Network cameras have a number of uses and benefits. It is perfect for small companies offering protection 24/7. Technology makes our lives a lot more comfortable and convenient, but even with all today's high tech, security remains a major concern for everyone; we are all, at some time, susceptible to criminal activity. Network video surveillance is a growing market that provides products that can help to ensure your family, home or business are protected. Acquiring a network camera can reassure you that the areas of your life most important to you are secure. There are many different types of network cameras available on the market to cater for your security requirements.

Once, security cameras were only for the rich and famous, but as demand for surveillance increases and prices come down, people are investing in them for the peace of mind they provide knowing their families and homes are safe. Network cameras aren't only suitable for businesses. People who tend to be away from home a lot, whether on a business trip or just working long hours at work every day, are using them to keep an eye on their property.

More and more property owners are investing in them due to the growing concern of security in regard to their families and homes. The idea that a surveillance system is in operation can be comforting, you won't even have to ask friends or neighbours. Even when you're at home a camera can be very useful. It can be situated outside the front door so with just a quick peak you can see who it is before letting them in. Apart from being used to prevent crime, there is another purpose for network cameras. Due to the reasonable cost and easy set up people are buying them just to keep in touch with what is going on at home.

If you are away from your family often on business trips, they can be a great way to keep in contact with the family. A surveillance system can help to keep your staff safe. If the job involves leaving work late, car parking lots can be monitored for car theft or anything suspicious.

Anything irregular seen or even a crime occurring, the police can be contacted straight away and you have the proof on video. If you suspect a member of your staff of stealing goods or money but are not sure who is responsible then a network camera is a subtle and indiscriminate method of monitoring employees and delivery people, even your customers whom you might suspect of shoplifting. Network cameras are perfect for a number of locations, at home or in the office, schools, prisons, shops, practically anywhere that video monitoring is required.

Some feature two-way audio support, enabling you to listen in on the monitored area and also communicate directly with anyone on the premises such as intruders or inmates, perfect for schools or prisons. Other systems have a motion detection feature meaning that the system only records when detecting movement, it will then send an alert out keeping you aware of anything going on in the surveillance area. The perfect answer for homes and businesses, if you're looking for a safe and secure surveillance system, are network cameras. Lower in cost in comparison to CCTV and a lot less money than having to hire security guards.

The only thing you'll need is your personal computer, the software and a camera.

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