Cell Phone ReviewsTo Text Or Not To Text

Cell phone reviews have consistently shown that US businesses and consumers handed over a massive $118 billion for their wireless products and services in 2004. Even more surprising is the fact that they spent $104.4 billion to purchase wireless services alone. One of those wireless services is called short messaging service or text messaging. Obviously it is an important area of communication.

It definitely is a cheaper way to go especially when compared with making a normal cellular call. Mobile messaging is far and away the most modern way to communicate in todays world. It is instant, undoubtedly mobile, and very personal. Studies have brought to the surface a very interesting piece of information.

They show that young people are at the same time the driving force and the slaves of a growing text messaging culture. That kernel of truth gives us a better view of some of the complexities that cellular phones have brought into our lives. Indeed wireless communication has enabled even the shy and unassuming to develop relationships that they would never have been able to develop in a face-to-face situation. Texting has allowed them to shield appearance, stuttering and shyness.

It has also allowed them a greater freedom of self expression and enabled them to nurture personal relationships that may not have otherwise had the chance to develop. Text messages are mainly used for information purposes, general chatting, maybe sending jokes and certainly other fun activities. Sending text messages is very easy. All you basically need to have is a mobile phone with the capability.

The vast majority of mobile service providers offer text messaging for birthdays, friend-to-friend, lovers, jokesters and so much more. Downloading them from a website on the internet is another fun option. Most of these online websites also provide services like ring tones, wallpapers, screen savers, and picture messages for your phone. Once you are on the website of your choice, select the message that you want and click the download tab. You will then be prompted to enter your mobile phone number.

Your choice will then be downloaded and you will receive a message on your cell phone that the download was successful. Open the message and save it in a folder. Be mindful that the charges for the text message will be deducted from your cellular account.

Proving once again that there is no such thing as a free lunch. Again text messaging is inexpensive so if you are a die hard cell phone lover then you should always include it in your service plan. It is also handy to have if you travel a lot.

However, using a regional service plan might serve your needs even better. I say that because regional plans generally have a good mixture of minutes, features and prices. The key will always be to discuss and weigh your service options with the service provider.

Do not be too anxious to sign on the dotted line and go. You may regret that later. Always, but always read and understand the fine print.

Cell phone reviews that disseminate timely and valuable information on cellular service plans are very much needed. Do you understand all of the intricacies of your current service plan? Study these great service plans. Grab the link here: cell phone reviews

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Cell Phone ReviewsTo Text Or Not To Text - Cell phone reviews have consistently shown that US businesses and consumers handed over a massive $118 billion for their wireless products and services in 2004.

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