Best Pocket PCs Which Ones Are These

A pocket personal computer (pocket pc or ppc) is exactly what you would imagine. It is a small computer designed to be easily held in the hand or carried in a pocket. Pocket pcs come loaded with Windows CE operating system and can be downloaded with a wide variety of additional software programs to customize them to the user's needs. These handy computers have most of the capabilities of a full desktop computers including: * Email * Appointment reminders * Multimedia players * Gaming * Text messaging * Web browsing * Word processing * Touchscreen Pocket pcs come with many add-ons such as cameras, barcode readers, cradles, docking stations, bluetooth capability, GPS receiver and other features.

Many are WIFI capable, while some come equipped with mobile phone features. Pocket pcs on the market-one for every need There are many pocket pcs available on the market. All have different features, so it is important to consider what you need before you make a decision. Just a few pocket pcs and their features are highlighted below: * IPAQ hx2000 series uses the Windows Mobile 2003 second edition operating system. It has a replaceable battery and is bluetooth and Wi-fi compatible.

This pocket pc is designed for business users and comes loaded with iTask utilities, Hp Image Zone and iPAQ mobile media to name a few. * Garmin X51 Series pocket pc uses the same operating system and includes QueMap, QueFind, System manager and QueRoute among other programs. This pocket pc comes with a built-in GPS receiver/antenna and has applications as a GPS device. Docking cradle and carrying case are part of the unit. This unit is not bluetooth or Wi-Fi capable. This system is great for the traveler.

* Dell pocket pcs are available with Windows Mobile 5.0 as the operating system. They have a replaceable battery and are both Wi-fi and bluetooth capable. Some of the programs preloaded are Resco Picture Viewer, Toy Golf, Media Player 10 and Dell WLAN utility.

This pocket pc comes with a USB cable and cradle. This pocket pc would be terrific for a student. There are many other models of pocket pcs on the market.

Checking and comparing features will allow you to purchase the pocket pc that is right for you.

On you will find articles on how to make your own computer and custom build computers.

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