Electronic Medical Records Software Helps Medical Facilities Go Green

Whether you are an insurance company, lawyer or a doctor, not only do you have these extraneous pressures but you are seeing the cost of "managing paper" rise like it never has before. Not only due to the actual paper but the storage and retrieval of information the paper stores. Let's take the medical profession and the gargantuan task of keeping up with medical records.

Doctors and medical office managers take special note, Electronic Medical Records and record keeping is not something of the future, it is now. The office manager and the keeper of Medical Records must ask themselves do you want to eliminate the endless wasted hours of your paid office staff. EMR Software saves time looking for patient files for needed information and documentation. Where is the file, who had it last, has it been misplaced somewhere. Somewhere it should not be and could cause a HIPPA compliance problem? Save time looking through / reading through, patient files to find notes, test or lab results of maybe notes about adverse reactions to prescriptions. The question is why are doctor's offices hesitant to implement an Electronic Medical Record system at this time.

Do you think the idea of being paperless is a dream? It is not. You need to act sooner rather than later, continuing to do business the "Old Way" is costing you money and perhaps loss of a reputation that took years to establish. It is wise to consider an Electronic Medical Records software solution, now. There are excellent systems on the market that would enhance your scanning capabilities and other office tasks. An EMR Software solution will increase your practice productivity, save you valuable time and ultimately save you money by allowing you to quickly retrieve documents that need to be reviewed, printed or faxed. An Electronic Medical Records software solution will also help you to ensure even greater patient privacy.

By setting specific permissions on a document or document types, you give only those users who need or require access permission to view. Today's Electronic Medical Records also track who has viewed, modified or exported a document and on what date or dates. If you have multiple practice locations, Electronic Medical Records systems will allow you to easily share documents with other employees across multiple practice locations. Scanning and storing files electronically will also help to ensure your documents are safe and backed-up should you experience a fire or other natural disaster. Medical Practices in coastal states such as Florida, Mississippi and Texas should take special note a good Electronic Medical Records will work into your over all "Disaster Plan" Backing up your medical records is going to be one less thing to worry about when you hear of an approaching hurricane.

Having a good Electronic Medical Records Software bundle is no longer a luxury but truly a necessity.

David York is with Fox Meadows, a provider of electronic medical records software, EMR Software, and medical billing software. Learn more by visiting

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