Enhance Your Website With Language Translation Tool

With the advent of the Internet and the leveling of playing fields through the medium of the World Wide Web, we have entered an era where communication is possible even if the other person does not speak your language. I am talking about the number of translation tools available on the net these days. Never mind, the human translators where you have to send a quote and get price. Nowadays, even that is automated.

You can send a quote online with your material and receive a price. The Internet has enabled us to broaden our market and serve a larger group of consumers. English was the primary medium of communication before and the majority of the websites were in English.

But apart from a few countries, there were other countries which did not speak English. So the world got divided into two groups, English and non-English speaking consumers. So what was the best way to reach out to the other section of the market? The advent of translation tools made the life of website owner easier and they could begin marketing their products and services to overseas markets in non-English speaking countries. Babel fish was one of the more popular tools used for a quick translation. If you have a web page, you can get a wider audience with the site contents converted to multiple languages.

Language translation is easy now with the Google translator or Babel fish, however these do not appear as content native to your site. For a global site that I own, I had to overcome this problem. Imagine if you could get a web page translated with the click of a button. This is now possible using Google translate to work behind the scenes and get your contents translated in real time. If you have a HTML or PhP page you can get your web pages translated into ten languages - German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese & Arabic.

Additionally if you own a Wordpress blog site, you can get your blogs translated as well. Here are additional advantages to having language translation on your site: Increase traffic through foreign search engines Submit your foreign language webpages to countries which speak these languages and see your traffic double. Multiply your content 10 times over. This content is not considered as duplicate contents as it is in another language. It is all unique content.

Communication is no longer a barrier. People speaking languages other than English will still be able to comprehend what you have to offer. This multiplies your chances of getting new customers. Lesser competition. There is less competition is non-English speaking countries as compared to English speaking countries. The advantage of having an online translator is that it is instantly displayed and using it does not cost you anything.

With a combination of a good marketing strategy, customer service and communication you can take your website to greater heights. You just have to be willing to work hard to make your online business a roaring success.

Catherine is an entrepreneur and recruiter. She is also a Google Adwords professional and the CEO of a global freelancing site called Servlance which is a multi-language site has a free language translation tool. Servlance caters to freelancers/firms selling business services globally.

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