How We Know Our File Formats most suitable file format Let us get started then

Before you go out and send your ad to your color printing company, it is appropriate for you to know about things such as graphics file formats, vectors, bitmaps, and formats and software you can use to help you create your ad campaign. The fact is, knowing these things will help you later on to decide on what would be the most suitable file format for your color printing requirements, as well as your marketing needs. It would also save you much heartaches and disappointments when the outcome you desire just does not seem to be possible.

Let us get started then. Vector graphics are the most common file format in printing. Often referred to as the draw graphics, they are formed using geometric objects such as triangles, squares, ovals, lines, etc. Vector graphics work just like that of the connect-the-dots game. You have a starting point then click on the next point, and then the next, and so forth and so on, until you have reached the last point where you connect it to the beginning of your figure. After that, you can then change the appearance of your object by editing the weight, color of the lines, and even the color and density of the inside of your shapes.

What makes vector graphics advantageous to your project is that it lets you reduce or increase the size of your graphics that easily. The program simply adjusts the position of the points and then draws the line that has the most quality between these points. It does not matter how many times you adjust and re-adjust your shapes and objects, it would not change your resolution. What you show on your screen will still be the same thing when printed. Another reason why vector graphics is excellent with your marketing campaign relates to your fonts. You can easily adjust your fonts to the size you want without losing the quality you need for your ad.

And just because they are simple to make does not mean they have simple results. On the contrary, your vector images can be as complicated as a hundred dimensional shapes in your ad. When you open a vector graphic for example, you can always take your shape apart so you can analyze and change the different pieces that make up your single shape. Lastly, vector graphics have a big advantage over bitmaps when you consider the file size. It does not change. Even if you make it bigger or even smaller, your file size remains the same.

That is why they take up less space in your computer, and they do print faster. Although time consuming when you create them, vector graphics are still the easiest to use, revise, and save in your hard drive. So the next time you start on your color printing ad, think of vector graphics. They will definitely help you create simple graphics but with huge impact on your target clients.

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