Nokia N Due for Release Next Month

The new Nokia N96 is a fabulously designed 3G smart phone that features an unique dual opening mechanism which is also designed to be the next flagship of Nokia handsets. The Nokia N96 is among the Nokia N-Series range that also includes the 8 GB Nokia N95. The clear dual opening of the device would surely assist the user to stylishly open the phone to meet their needs. The TFT colour screen of Nokia N96 is nearly 9.1 inch diagonal display which includes nearly 16 million colours. The Nokia N96 comes packed with tons of features that are used everyday with several other cool features that can be used on the move.

The casing of N96 is a bit larger and a bit heavy than its previous mobiles but is pretty compact when you consider all the technology that is packed in. Music player The Nokia N96 is well equipped with all the music features as there is the music player that includes an in built FM stereo which is complete with RDS letting you view music information. The huge in built memory of the handset lets you store nearly 3500 songs which is the same as Apple iTouch. This handset also supports Nokia visual radio and internet radio. The features of music player lets you create a playlist for a continuous playback of your favorite tracks.

Camera If you own this mobile then you would probably not need a separate digital camera because the N96 is just the perfect alternative that used a highly capable digital camera. You will find an outstanding integrated 5 megapixel camera that is complete with a wide range of settings, operations and functions that you find a standard digital camera. The camera is also equipped with auto exposure and auto focus feature. The integrated dual LED is also a useful feature to brighten your pictures. Video camera and 3G calling The Nokia N96 is also video recording compatible so that the use can capture special moments anytime with ease. Play back and video streaming is also possible to be viewed on the large and colourful screen.

You can store, share, edit, transfer and delete the saved video clips. In addition to this you will also find another camera on the face of Nokia N96 through which you can participate in 3G video calling with other compatible users. TV player and GPS Apart from this the stunning Nokia N96 also includes DVB-H live TV broadcasting feature. Through this feature you can watch live TV broadcastings even when on move and can also access videos through the web browser. However, when you use this feature you would be running short of batter life.

There is also the in built GPS receiver with a navigation feature through which you just have to key in the required destination and the handset would automatically show you the directions. The Nokia N96 also includes other feature like easy and fast internet connectivity through its 3G HSDPA technology. There is also an integrated web browser well equipped with all the features you might need for web browsing.

For more details on the Nokia N96 check out this Nokia N96 review.

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