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VoIP -- Voice over internet protocol is a recently evolved technology that enables people to make telephone calls over the internet using the broadband connection instead of the regular telephone line. The call can be made using a personal computer that has a broadband connection. Calls can be made from the computer to any kind of telephone subscriber, be it a mobile phone, land line, local call or international call or even another broadband VoIP user. Some VoIP service providers even provide two-way transfer of video footage. It means two people using VoIP phones can actually talk to each other face to face using the computers. The VoIP technology allows the two people on the internet phone to see each other's video live feed on the computer monitor.

There are hundreds of VoIP providers these days. Some of the VoIP providers are defined by the services they offer. Some VoIP providers restrict to servicing local calls while others have integrated services, including local and international calls. These providers offer various packages for talk time that also includes the internet usage charges. Buy the best of the package. The package has differential tariff for VoIP users during day time and night time, peak hours and non-peak hours.

It is always advisable to buy a package of local calls and international calls (integrated services) since it offers a wide range of service. These VoIP packages can be bought over the internet directly from the providers' portal. The internet has separate lists of VoIP service providers. The demand for VoIP services has spawned a number of VoIP providers portal. These portals contain information on various aspects of VoIP -- technical data, whitepapers, articles, products, vendors, forums and events.

One can also interact with VoIP evangelists on these portals regularly. Extensive research material, including the latest trends in VoIP, is available on the portals for reading. Frequent updates from technical experts in VoIP are also available on the portals. The portal also offers advise and service to VoIP providers to the general masses. It has a list of companies engaged in manufacturing and distribution of VoIP technology-based products, both software and hardware products. These vendors are from all over the world.

The price list of the products are also displayed. Purchases can be made by visiting their individual company websites. Any new product on VoIP is simultaneously launched on the portal along with the worldwide launch. The portals also maintain a separate column on Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), which provides information relating to VoIP.

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