Realtors use RSS to Expand Their Reach

While many realtors have real estate blogs, which is quite evident in the directory of real estate blogs at http://www.real-estate-blogs/blogs/ many are missing the opportunity to extend their audience even further by using RSS Feeds. What is RSS? RSS is a standard format for syndicating content on the Internet. The content can be anything! Often, information contained in an RSS feed is syndicated on other websites, which expands its reach. Website visitors love RSS because they choose which feeds they wish to subscribe to. And if at any point they are unhappy with the content contained in the RSS feed, they simply unsubscribe and no longer receive notification of feed updates.

RSS feeds are becoming an essential tool for Realtors, who are struggling in a declining market. Real estate offices that adopt technology as a marketing tool will remain one step ahead of their competition. Why Should Realtors Use RSS? There is little argument that RSS can and will generate web traffic. Realtors using RSS feeds will increase the traffic to their website, and more web traffic means more potential buyers.

RSS feeds will expand a realtor's reach and distribution, meaning that Realtors will reach new audiences using RSS feeds. RSS reaches areas through syndication that are just not as accessible through normal channels or traditional realty advertising. Technically-savvy investors with deep pockets keep watch for new listings, and they will frequently scan RSS feeds for specific locations. Using RSS feeds, real estate offices are able to draw attention to specific properties they decide to highlight in their feeds. Additionally, RSS is far less expensive than a print campaign in the local newspaper or journals.

In fact, the only real expense involved to Realtors interested in creating RSS feeds is the time that it takes to add content to the RSS feed each day. Realtors can use RSS feeds a number of different ways. How Can Realtors Use RSS? 1. Sell Homes Realtors can promote homes and properties using RSS feeds. The content distribution and syndication using RSS feeds will exceed that which is possible via a local newspaper advertisement.

2. Promote Rental Properties Realtors can promote rental properties, or seasonal listings using RSS feeds. 3.

Promote Open Houses Real estate offices can announce and advertise open houses using RSS feeds. 4. Real Estate News Realtors can announce office news, promotions, or home sales using RSS. Showing how quickly a property was sold may encourage other sellers to sign up with a realty office. Realtors can also monitor industry news using RSS feeds.

5. Town Demographics / Statistics Realty offices can provide demographics and statistical information for regions in which they sell homes using RSS feeds. Statistical information in RSS feeds will attract buyers interested in specific area or regions. 6. Town Events Realtors can give potential clients a taste of the local flavor by providing a calendar of local events. 7.

Virtual Tours Realtors can provide home buyers with virtual home tours that promote the property's best features. Real estate offices can simply include a photo slide show or video in the RSS feed's "enclosure" field. 8. Mortgage Rates Prospective home buyers can monitor mortgage rates through a variety of lenders using RSS feeds.

Loan rate changes appear in the RSS feeds as the new mortgage rates are announced. 9. Promote Commerical Property Business opportunities and commercial properties can be promoted using RSS feeds. It is no secret that the real estate market is struggling, and realtors using technology to their advantage could be the key to a realty office's success.

Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for RecordForAll audio recording and editing software.

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