Six steps to becoming an online Joint Venture Broker

An on-line Joint Venture Broker essentially finds a company wishing to sell more of their product(s), then finds a company which has the capability of selling more of that product(s), and then brokers a deal between them and earns a commission for total sales. All contact is done on-line and your only "hard work" is carrying out a little research and then firing off some emails. The benefits of Joint Venture Brokering on-line are: * You don't need a single cent in your account.

* You don't need marketing skills. * You don't need a mailing list of hundreds, if not thousands, of potential customers. * You don't need a Website. * You don't need to create a product. The six steps to take are as follows: 1.

Identify your passions and hobbies so that you will not only make money with your on-line brokering business, but enjoy working on it too! This will keep you motivated when you start your first project. 2. After you've got a list in front of you outlining your hobbies and passions you need to drill down and find which market you'd like to broker for. For example if you wrote down "sports" as one of your passions you need to dig a little deeper and find out which exact sport niche you want to get into.

This is really simple to do when you use the site This is an amazing site selling downloadable products on a wide range of subjects. You can also use clickbank to come up with ideas for sites to broker for.

3. Next using either

com or affiliate directories such as and find a web site with a two tier affiliate program that matches the following criteria. * Pay at least $10 commission per second tier sale. * Preferably provides the marketer with ready go to marketing materials like email promotions, articles, adverts, banner ads etc. * Has a "cookie tracking system" for their affiliate program which means that even if the marketers you try to broker deals with don't sign up on the day you contact them, but sign up months later, you still get credited for any sales they make months down the line.

4. What you need to do now is build up a massive list of people we can contact in order to broker deals for the site you've found, and you should email each marketer separately to avoid spamming. To find these sites you need to build up a list of site owners in the clickbank marketplace, find sites relevant to your niche and keep a record of the domain names. 5. Go to google and type in "link: (domain name)". What this will do is bring you back a list of all of the sites that are linking to this web site.

You will then get a list of sites that are actively promoting a web site in the niche market you are brokering for. Now all you need to do is go through contacting these site owners via email. 6. Find people with email lists who might be willing to send out a promotion. All you're going to do here is find site owners who send out regular emails to a targeted list in the market of the site you are brokering for.

The best way to do this is by finding people who publish a regular ezine. You can do this by going to google and typing in (niche) ezine e.g. golf ezine. You'll then get a massive list of results with the vast majority being sites which publish, or are linking to another site which publishes, an ezine in your niche market.

Then contact the publishers with you proposal via email. Joint Venture Brokering on-line is a highly versatile business which can be run on a part or full time basis and produce serious profits for those who take the time to learn the necessary skills and apply them.

For a full video course on how to become a joint venture broker go to

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