Smartphones The Worlds Most Versatile Handset

Lets begin by breaking down the workings of a wireless network. Wireless networks are simple, yet complex to explain. They are a chain of radio towers.

A few miles separate each tower as they form what looks like a vast grid. The few miles between towers are called cells. That is where the name cell phone comes from.

When you make a cell phone call, it searches for a signal from one of these cell towers. Your handset seeks, links and then joins the network. If your handset cannot find a signal you will not be able to make your call.

All cell phones have what is called a System Identification Code (SID). Its a five digit number. The FCC assigns this number to each carrier.

When you sign a service contract, your cell phone gets its SID code. The next step is activation. When you turn your phone on it searches for a SID on the control channel.

Should your phone fail to find it, a no service prompt is displayed because it is out of range. However, when your cell finds a SID the two are compared to see if they are a match. When a match is made your cell realizes that it is working from home base. Should they not match up, your cell phone is roaming.

When your phone roams, the system manager that your phone is roaming in networks with your home system. At this point, your network manager checks its database to make sure that your SID is valid. Your phone is then tracked as it roams through the cells. Piggybacking on another network like that incurs additional expense. In most cases roaming can be very costly. One of the latest type of cell is the smartphone.

It is not much larger than the average cell phone. These phones are a great choice for people on the move. Smart phones allow you to do at least some of the following: 1. send and receive email 2. keep track of your schedules 3.

keep track of your electronic notes 4. surf the Internet 5. wirelessly sync applications with your computer. Are you a regular user of both your PDA device and your cell phone? Why not consider combining the two and purchase a smartphone. The technology has really come a long way. This choice is an excellent all in one option.

It does not sacrifice quality for convenience. You receive all the same great features that you would get in a typical PDA device. Smartphones are an appealing choice to consumers because of the cell phone plan options. Free long distance, voicemail, and text messaging are but a few. Are you thinking about purchasing a smartphone? Do you need help organizing your business or personal life? A smartphone may not be a wise choice for you if you would rather write information down.

Style and comfort are considerations also. Can you read the screen on the phone comfortably? Is the added bulk and size of a smartphone okay with you? If you decide to switch to a smartphone shop around for the best deal. Quite a few of the models retail for several hundred dollars.

If you are diligent though, you will find companies that offer excellent discounts.

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